Over the past several weeks a number of members reported items left by couriers stolen from outside of their unit doors. On several of these incidents, security was able to identify the suspects who had been visitors to other members units.

In recent days an unknown female was hanging around the vestibule in 31 Alexander Street waiting for a member to leave. When the member opened the door, the female entered the building. The female then went floor by floor looking for packages outside of members doors.

If you notice anyone hanging around the vestibule that you don’t recognize as member of City Park, please call security at 416-990-7731 and provide the information.

If someone buzzes your unit and you cannot identify them, do not let them in and call security 416-990-7731 and provide the information.

If you notice a person acting suspicious in the building please call security at 416-990-7731 and provide the information.

Do not let unknown people into your building.

Security Tips

  • Schedule deliver of packages at a time when you are at home
  • Talk to a neighbor to see if they will be at home during the delivery time and have it delivered to the neighbor’s unit
  • Use an alternative address, e.g. work or a relative, to have the package delivered
  • Amazon has lockers within Toronto items can be shipped to
  • Retails like Best Buy, Walmart, Canadian Tire will let you pick up internet orders from a store close to you

James Holmes

Security Manager