How to Apply

City Park is not currently accepting any applications.
General Application & Occupancy Information:

Waiting lists: Units at City Park are in high demand and waiting lists are used to manage unit turnover. When initially applying, only applications for bachelor apartments are accepted. Once a member has resided in a bachelor unit for one full year, they are eligible to apply to be on the waiting lists for a one bedroom. Once a member has resided in a one bedroom unit for a minimum of two years, they may apply for a two bedroom unit. Two bedroom units have a minimal occupancy requirement of two members. The waiting times for any unit at City Park Co-operative is currently from seven (7) to ten (10) years.

Housing Charges: The market housing charge for dwelling units is adjusted every year and is for the period of May 1 to April 30. The monthly housing charge (market rent) for the 2019-20 operating year ranges from $794 per month for a small bachelor without a balcony to $1,296 per month for a two bedroom unit with a balcony. Heating is supplied by the Co-operative (it is not paid for as part of your hydro bill) and a generous satellite television package is included in the monthly housing charge, so no contact is needed on the members’ part in order to hook up cable as it is already in place.

Other Charges: Members are responsible to pay for their unit’s monthly hydro (electricity), telephone and internet charges. The cost of parking is additional, and is not part of the monthly housing charge. One parking space is available to members at the following monthly rates: $70.00 (above-ground), and $95.00 (below ground). Additional parking spaces are available for $150 monthly.

Rent Geared to Income RGI: Applicants interested in obtaining Rent Geared to Income (RGI) housing should apply directly to Housing Resource Centre located at 176 Elm Street, west of University Ave. They can be contacted at (416) 338-8888, or visit their website at Subsidized rents (called RGI) are limited to those that qualify for this and are subject to a waiting list maintained by Housing Resource (not City Park). If an applicant to City Park does not require subsidy then “Market Rent” will be applied and they will be placed on the City Park waiting list.

How to apply: The City Park Application Form can be downloaded or picked up from the office during office hours. It is to be completed in full. Proof of income must accompany all application and a $15.00, non-refundable administrative fee (cheque or money order only, no cash please – made payable to City Park Cooperative Apartments) is required when an application is submitted to City Park in order to perform a “Credit Check” on each application. All applications will be sent a letter to confirm receipt of application. It is your responsibility, the applicant(s), to inform City Park of any changes to your address, and/or phone number. All changes must be made in writing to the Housing Administrator.

Interview with Member Selection Committee: As your application approaches the top of the waiting list and City Park anticipates placing you in an apartment, your application will be processed, first by the office, and then forwarded to the Member Selection Committee. An interview will be scheduled. All applicants are interviewed by two members of this committee. A recommendation is then made to the Board of Directors who must decide to either accept or decline the applicant. All applicants are contacted in writing once a decision has been made.

Once accepted for membership, you will be contacted to schedule a viewing once there are vacant apartments available. You will receive two (2) opportunities to view a unit. If you reject a unit the second time you must reapply to be reinstated on our waiting list. Prior to move-in, members are required to sign an “Occupancy Agreement”, the (Co-op’s equivalent of a lease). As well, members must provide a post-dated cheque for the first month’s housing charge as well as a certified cheque or money order for their “Member’s Deposit”, which is held until the member vacates their unit and then it is returned in full, provided that no damages have occurred and no money is owed. The Member’s Deposit is equal to one (1) month’s Housing Charge (both RGI and market rent).

Condition of unit: City Park rents units which are in “standard” condition as per City Park By-Laws. All units will be put in standard condition for incoming members by the Co-op or departing member at no cost to the new member. Members can do limited decorating within their unit, but it is to be returned to standard condition prior to the member vacating or charges may be applied.

Monthly Payment: Members are responsible for their last month’s housing charge on or before the first (1st) of the last month they reside in City Park.

City Park By-laws: City Park Co-operative Apartments Inc. is governed via By-laws and it is your responsibility to abide by these rules and regulations. Copies can viewed and downloaded from this website.

City Park Application Form: The City Park Application Form can be downloaded below. It should be completed in full and returned to City Park’s office with all required documentation and application fee.