What are the parties saying about housing?


In order to make an informed vote in support of the Include Co-op campaign, you need to know what the parties are promising in their platforms and saying during the campaign.

Liberal:  The Liberal Party will be running on their record over the past four years, including the National Housing Strategy 10 year plan. This week, the Liberals launched their official campaign theme of “Choose Forward”. The campaign video outlines the importance of home ownership and having an affordable place to live.

Conservative: The Conservative Party has yet to share any campaign details focused on housing, but we expect more details in the coming weeks. We expect the party to focus on increasing the supply of housing, and infrastructure investments to lower housing development times. The party has launched their campaign slogan, “It’s time for you to get ahead,” signalling that their plan will focus on affordability, and lowering the cost of living for Canadians.

New Democrats Their campaign platform is called “A New Deal for People,” and includes plans to build half a million new affordable housing units over the next 10 years, including co-ops. In addition, the NDP have announced they would implement a rent subsidy in the 2019 budget, and help spur development by waiving the federal GST/HST on the construction of new affordable rental units. For home owners, they promised to double the home buyer’s tax credit.

The Green Party has put forward a housing plan that follows the “Housing First” principles, aimed to quickly move people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. To modernize the social safety network, the Green Party will establish a liveable income and subsidize private developers to include a percentage of affordable housing in their housing projects. They also will invest in the co-operative housing sector to help development, and to sustain existing co-ops.